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Verborium, what is that? (EN)

   We are philologists (or apprentices of, at least) which implies, in principle, many things. The first thing you should know is that philologists are bad people. Yes, we are sure you already suspected it, but now we say it to you in a clear and simple way: we are bad people. We are that kind of people who correct your spelling mistakes in Facebook, we are that kind of people who tell you that you are not using the tenses properly, we are that kind of people that tell you about your favorite series: “Is not bad, but the characters are like drawings and the situations so improbable that lacks all its credibility, why don’t you watch The Wire once and for all?”… But the worst of all is that we are that kind of people who –in the future– will subtract points (to you or to your children) from the exam you thought it was perfect because of spelling and consistency mistakes you have not given importance in your life.

   We are so bastards, but… What can we do?

   And besides being bad people, we have a verborium. And what is a verborium? you may ask. Well, we are also that bad people who invent words and then explain you their meanings based on the etymology. That’s how wicked we are.

   A verborium, as the word itself indicates (do you see? Evil in its purest essence) is a collection of words, the sum of them, a set or as you want to call it. A verborium is that infinite library Borges used to talk about; a verborium is the sublimation of that game Horacio Oliveira played with Traveler and Talita with this cemetery which is the dictionary, a verborium is, in short, a useful language game, a collection of sentences and phrases and figures of speech and verses and rhythms.

   A verborium is an endless game that all of us play at least once in lifetime.

   Moreover, our verborium is also overblown (can you see the alliteration? Another of those evil things philologists do). Overblown is in its second meaning ‘flamboyant, flashy’, because we want to draw attention to language and literature.

   Why on language and literature and not on, –as we could say–, the pension system? Well, these three things are important, of course, but we are philologists (did I mention it before?) So we know some things about language and literature. Besides… How we were going to talk about the pension system without using language? That important is language in your life. As for literature… Well, every time you watch your favorite TV show or a movie, you are actually watching a literary product with some additions; the base is always the text because… What is cinema but prerecorded theatre? Aw, well, in literature books are also included (I think), I say it just in case there is someone around the world who still reads.

   So, if you are already here, welcome to our overblown verborium. We hope you enjoy your stay and, if not, you can always speak badly of us in the comments. We also hope that you can read and learn interesting things here (although for many these are old and forgotten and dusty arts) and hopefully, of course, you have fun while doing it.

   But always remember that we are bad people. So in the future don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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